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Melita delivers €10,000 worth of food to Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

Monday, April 05, 2021 by Melita

Melita delivers €10,000 worth of food to Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

Melita Limited has delivered €10,000 worth of food to the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation. This will be distributed to individuals and families currently facing crisis situations. The Foodbank Lifeline Foundation, initially established in 2015, helps people affected by homelessness, illness, low income and social benefit delays. It does this by providing food for a period of up to six weeks, allowing time for more permanent solutions to be found.

Barbara Caruana, Manager of Foodbank Lifeline Foundation, said, “Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of individuals and families finding themselves in a crisis situation has grown. In turn this has put a great deal of pressure on our Foundation to be able to keep up with demand and ensuring that no person should suffer the indignity of hunger. Thanks to the generosity of both the public and organisations including Melita, we have thankfully been able to continue providing food to those who have needed our support during this challenging time.”

Charlene Xuereb Ciantar, Communications Manager at Melita Limited said, “A significant number of people in our community are facing serious hardship. The Foodbank Lifeline Foundation does incredible work and we know that the food which we have donated will go to those who really need it.” Information on the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation, including how to donate, is available at



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