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Melita Foundation helps adults with intellectual disabilities develop performance art skills

Wednesday, August 18, 2021 by Melita Foundation

Melita Foundation helps adults with intellectual disabilities develop performance art skills

The Melita Foundation is supporting Opening Doors Association in its work to promote the active involvement of adults with intellectual disabilities in performance arts. Through this support the Association is running two artistic training programmes in music. The first of these programmes will focus on basic music skills, rhythm and coordination as well as exposure to performance and collaboration. The second, more advanced, programme will help develop higher artistic skills and performance and include opportunities to perform in music festivals and established national events.

Mireille Muscat, Head of Marketing at Melita and board member of The Melita Foundation, said, “One of The Melita Foundation’s four pillars is to support creativity, a sector which has been particularly badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout this period, we have continued to offer as much support as we can to artistic and cultural initiatives including the Opening Doors Association which plays such an important role in helping adults with intellectual disabilities to develop their creative skills and experience the positive impact of performing in public.”

The Melita Foundation was established in February 2020 with an initial donation of €500,000 from Apax Partners, owners of Melita Limited until May 2019. With the full support of EQT, the company’s current owners, all the Foundation’s expenses are being funded entirely by Melita Limited. This means that 100 per cent of the funds available to the Foundation are being used to support projects.

More information on the Melita Foundation and how to apply for funding is available at

Melita Foundation

Melita Foundation

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