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Melita Launches the New “Build Your Own Flexi Bundle”

Monday, January 30, 2017 by Melita

Melita have been working hard in the background for the past couple of months looking for ways to not only improve our services but to also make sure that our customer support is better than it has ever been before.

The first step we took towards this goal was we introduced our new “Build Your Own Bundle” concept, which we’ll be going in depth about in this post.

We’re also “at work” making our customer support services easier, faster and better (more on this later).

The recent changes came about after doing extensive research and asking our clientele exactly what they want more of (or less of) from us and thanks to the many replies we got back, we came up with a lot of innovative ideas and ways that we can make your life easier when choosing the services you really want all the while keeping it affordable.

Moving forward, our aim here at Melita is that we want to be more transparent in our operations, which is why we’re proud to announce our first stage of this transition with the new Flexi-Bundle model:

Our New “Build Your Own Flexi Bundle”

With the new flexi bundle, you are in control since you can choose the services you really want.

Using our new “Build your own flexi bundle” tool, you can pick and choose which specific services you need from us and ultimately, what price you will be paying (which will all be shown in great detail on the side of your screen).

You can also add a mobile contract that comes with double the data you would normally get when choosing our regular mobile contracts.

Our TV package also includes more HD channels than ever before. Some are included in the bundle, but if you are a fan of great quality TV, you can choose to add even more.

The All New Customer Service Promises and System

We have heard your frustrations, and we are working on fixing them making sure you get the support you need, when you need it. We have identified and improved four areas within our customer support, and these are some of the few changes we’ve made so far (more to come later):

Getting Our Services Installed Faster

We promise to install our services within two working days from when you sign up, which means there will no longer be the need to wait for more than that to start using our services.

Of course, once you subscribe to our services, we will make an appointment to see when it is the best time to come at your convenience.

Internet Speed

Here’s our Speed Guarantee: all our internet subscribers will reach the download and upload speeds they are subscribed to when connected to an internet modem via a wired connection.

Also, there is now an easy way for you to check your internet speed with this speed test tool we provide on our website. Naturally, if you find that the results are not satisfactory, we urge you to get in touch with us.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our team of dedicated engineers always aim to provide you with the best service possible but, as with everything, things to wrong.

If something does go wrong, we promise you that whatever issue you have will be fixed in one working day and we’re also making sure that when you call our support lines; you will be able to reach a customer care agent in a minute or less. Right now we are standing at 23 seconds, which you can see a real-live update on our website.

Also, here is a message from our CEO detailing and explaining the changes that were made and also how we plan on moving forward:

Meet Mello

Before you go, we’d also like to introduce you to Mello, the new Melita “assistant” that is coming in from a new world bringing in new ideas and new ways of doing things. You will see more of Mello in the future, but till then, you can meet him here:

The Launch Party Of The New “Build Your Own” FlexiBundle

To celebrate the progress we’ve made and to announce the new “Build Your Own Flexi Bundle”. We organised a reception at our Melita HQs where we unveiled all the changes we’ve achieved so far.

We also invited New York Best to the event to serve us their delicious menu and cocktails.

It was a great event, and you can see some images of the event below:

Melita Flexi bundle launch

Melita Flexi bundle launch

Melita Launches the New “Build Your Own Flexi Bundle”

Melita Flexi bundle launch

In Closing

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to visit our new “Build Your Own Flexi Bundle” homepage for more information or alternatively, you can contact us here.