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Melita mobile customers increase to more than 150,000

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 by

Melita mobile customers increase to more than 150,000

The number of mobile customers subscribed to Melita has continued to grow in 2020 and now stands at more than 150,000. During the first quarter of this year, in fact, the company took half of the market growth in the postpaid segment and was the only operator to register growth in the prepaid segment. As a result of this, Melita’s market share in the mobile segment has increased from 21 per cent in 2019 to 24 per cent today.

The latest market data from the Malta Communications Authority[1] confirms that Melita has continued to build on the positive customer numbers and market share trends which started in 2017 and accelerated from 2018 with the roll-out of its 5G ready Ericsson mobile network. Additional independent research, commissioned by Melita, shows that satisfaction rates of Melita mobile customers are extremely high, particularly with regards to the reliability of the service.

Harald Roesch, CEO at Melita Limited, said, “Melita now owns the most advanced mobile network in Malta built exclusively with Ericsson, one of Europe’s leading technology companies. This significant investment has clearly underpinned our ability to deliver an excellent and reliable service. At the same time, we have also continued to invest in our customer care and to offer great value, particularly through our innovative Endless mobile plans which give our customers unlimited mobile data from just €25 per month. Reliability, good customer care and great value are combining to increase our customer numbers and market share as well as resulting in very positive customer satisfaction numbers. This success is something we are determined to continue building on as we remain committed towards continual improvement across all areas of our business.”