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Melita opens call for non-profit causes

Monday, April 03, 2023 by Melita Foundation

Melita opens call for non-profit causes

The Melita Foundation has approved over €500,000 in support for local projects in the voluntary sector since its inception in 2020.

The Foundation has now opened the 2023 call for project applications, inviting individuals and organisations to apply for funding.

Professor Tanya Sammut-Bonnici, Chair of The Melita Foundation, explained: “Our objective for this year is to help local communities prosper through projects that make a difference by increasing local skills and social well-being. Our vision is to create access to opportunities for growth and enrichment, driven by our values of equity and social responsibility.”

Applications are welcome in the areas of Creativity, Digital Skills and the Environment. Priority will be given to innovative projects, no matter how small, that have the most significant impact on society and to individuals and organisations with a proven track record in the social sector.

Projects involving the creativity pillar would include education, training, production, exhibition, performance, and dissemination of the creative arts. Digital skills projects would include education, training, and investment in hardware and software. Environmental projects can help protect the natural environment or focus on sustainable resources, alternative energy and water management.

More information, including details on how to apply for funding, is available on The Melita Foundation website at

Melita Foundation

Melita Foundation

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