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Melita upgrades StellarWiFi as changes to home internet use solidify

Monday, December 21, 2020 by Melita

Melita upgrades StellarWiFi as changes to home internet use solidify

Melita has upgraded StellarWiFi, its high-speed home internet wifi service, as changes in the use of home internet brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic become more permanent. As part of this upgrade, which is being implemented without any price increases, Melita is now using eero, an Amazon wifi system, to deliver whole-home wifi mesh coverage in customers’ homes.

In addition to the offering high-speed connectivity, each eero mesh wifi access point provides up to 140 square metres  of coverage within the home. Melita StellarWiFi customers will get access to the eero mobile app which monitors coverage and suggests the best positioning in the home for each eero access point. Furthermore, customers can use the eero app to manage their wifi network, pause the internet and share their network with friends or guests, regardless of whether the customer is at home connected to their eero network or on-the-go.

Mireille Muscat, Head of Marketing at Melita, said, “StellarWiFi has always delivered high speed wifi throughout the homes of our internet customers and has proved very popular over the past few months as people spend more time at home, working and studying. As these changes become permanent, Melita took the decision to invest in further enhancing the service to give an even greater range of high speed internet access whilst giving our customers peace of mind by allowing them to manage internet use in a way that best suits them and the needs of their household.”

By using eero’s dual-band wifi devices to create a mesh network, StellarWiFi sends wifi throughout the entire home, ensuring that customers get a faster, more reliable connection regardless of where they choose to stream, work, or play. For those who need, or prefer, to maintain physical distancing, StellarWiFi can be ordered online, the eero access points delivered to the customer’s home, then set up and customised in minutes by the customer.

StellarWiFi is available to Melita fibre power internet customers from €2.99 per month or comes included if customers choose 500 Mbps or 1,000 Mbps fibre powered internet as part of their Flexi Bundle.  More information is available at



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