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Melita’s guide to the best mobile games you can play offline

Monday, July 20, 2020 by Melita

Melita’s guide to the best mobile games you can play offline

Melita operates the largest WiFi hotspot network in Malta and Gozo, which means your smartphone rarely takes a break and goes offline.

We have more than 75,000 hotspots across the Maltese Islands, stretching from Marsalforn to Marsaxlokk. With Melita, you can stay connected whether you’re lying on the sandy beach at Mellieha Bay, clubbing in the heart of St Julian’s or having pizza with your family in Nadur’s beautiful main square.

Melita customers also benefit from perks such as free Melita Wi-Fi and unlimited data on all new mobile plans. So why would you even be looking for offline games in the first place?  Well, there are certain situations – for example in the remote Maltese countryside, out at sea, or on a ferry – where you might not have access to a strong internet signal, so an offline game is an ideal way to stay occupied. 

We asked our gaming gurus at Melita to put their heads together and come up with a list of the best mobile games you can play offline. All of them are available on both Android and IOS. Some might require a small purchase fee – but that helps to support the developers who provide you with an ad-free offline gaming experience. 

Obviously, tastes vary and there’s no shortage of games that you can access. 

Ready? Let’s jump in:

1. 80 Days

Android Price: €5.79

Apple Price:  €5.49

A quirky little strategy and roleplay game, 80 days revolves around the famous 1872 eponymous novel penned by Jules Venre. You play Passepartout, who is the valet to Phileas Fogg, as you guide your employer around the world against the clock. The story unfolds as you travel around the world in a choose-your-own-adventure type game. Every person you meet and everything you purchase, down to what you choose to pack will determine the outcome of the game. Each of the 150 cities you visit are bustling with character and are brought to life with beautiful typography, gorgeous music and a story that is brought to life with evocative descriptions that give you a sense of place and history.

2. Alto’s Odyssey

Android Price: Free

Apple Price: €5.49

The follow-up to critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey sees you setting off on an endless sand boarding journey as you soar above windswept dunes, thrilling canyons, and explore hidden temples in a fantastical place. The game has been noted for its sublime scenery and beautiful music. It even features Zen Mode that comes with a serene soundtrack as you surf the desert without scores, coins and power ups. This game is simple and intuitive, but becomes a challenge to master as you progress further along.

3. Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Android Price: Free with in-app purchases

Apple Price: €5.49

Whether it’s a trip down memory lane or a new introduction to Street Fighter, this game franchise remains a staple when it comes to one-on-one fighting games. When it first came out, an internet connection was required to play, thankfully since then; the game has been amended for you to enjoy brawling when not connected!

Obviously, you cannot play matches against real players unless you’re online, but street fighter IV brings one of the best arcade-style solo play vs AI games out there. The free download allows you to get to grips with the game, but if you like it you should definitely consider the one time upgrade in order to release all the classic fighters that we’ve come to know and love.

4. Rayman Adventures

Android Price: Free with in-app purchases

Apple Price: Free with in-app purchases

Legendary game developers Ubisoft have brought another blast from the past back to the table in Rayman Adventures. You embark on an amazing 2D adventure through mysterious worlds to help Rayman and his friends rescue ancient eggs.

The game is free with in-app purchases. Online connection is required if you want to buy more gems, when you hatch an egg or when you want to interact with your friends. However you’re free to continue the game in your current adventure offline!.

5. Once Upon a Tower

Android Price: Free with in-app purchases

Apple Price: Free with in-app purchases

This game features a whole lot of girl power! 

Rather than waiting for a price to climb up and save her, this princess has decided to digger herself out using her trusty sledge hammer. Battling monsters, avoiding traps and fighting against gravity means that this game will be sure to keep you on your toes. Oh, and there’s a fiery dragon chasing you too. Because why not?

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