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Melita’s internet customers enjoy discounts on new mobile plans

Thursday, May 26, 2022 by Melita

Melita’s internet customers enjoy discounts on new mobile plans

Melita Limited is launching new mobile plans and offering significant discounts and other benefits to customers who add one of these mobile plans to Melita’s internet service. If more mobile plans are added, the discount increases, up to over 40 per cent. This means that every member of a household can enjoy the full benefits of a Melita Endless mobile plan, including unlimited 5G data and calls, at a much cheaper price.  All Melita internet customers who add an Endless mobile plan will also get access to premium sports on TSN1 via the Melita NexTV App.

Mireille Muscat, Marketing Manager at Melita Limited, said, “Our home internet customers can also connect to Melita’s nationwide 5G mobile network, starting from €23.99. If these customers then decide to sign up more members of their family to the same Melita mobile plan, they will see the price of additional mobile plans decline. In the case of our Endless JetSet plan, our most comprehensive mobile package, which includes international calls and data roaming beyond the EU and UK, the price of each plan will go down from a starting price of €34.99 for the first mobile line all the way to €15.99 for the third line and beyond, a saving of €19 per plan per month.  This is part of our ‘All in Plus’ concept, where customers with home internet and mobile from Melita, get additional benefits.”

More information on Melita’s mobile plans is available here.



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