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Roaming like at home in the USA

Friday, July 07, 2023 by Melita

Roaming like at home in the USA

Melita has eliminated roaming charges in the United States extending its Roam Like at Home area to cover the USA.

Roam Like at Home, long established within EU territories and the UK, enables customers to use their mobile services in those countries at the same rates as they pay in Malta.

However, it was not previously available in a country like the US, forcing many mobile users to manage the data function on their phone to avoid racking up big bills whenever they ventured out of the EU. Along with the US, Melita has included Moldova in the Roam Like at Home area.

Harald Roesch, CEO at Melita Limited, said: “We are continually improving our high level of service and are delighted that customers can now connect to their business contacts, friends and family while in the US, at the same rates as if they were at home in Malta. Since the US is a big country, we’ve effectively doubled the size of our Roam Like at Home area.”

In addition to extending Roam Like at Home, for 60 other countries Melita is reducing its already low roaming rates by 50 per cent, making keeping in contact in popular long haul destinations, such as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, even more affordable. All changes are from now until March 31, 2024.



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