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StellarWiFi – possibly the best home internet experience.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 by Simon Poljšak

StellarWiFi – possibly the best home internet experience.

Back in 1999, our family got their first home PC. A top of the range Intel Pentium 3 with 256 MB of RAM and an 80 GB hard drive. It was a big, cream-colored beast. We placed it under the staircase and would fight over who was next in line to play Pacman, Solitaire, Pinball or Minesweeper!

The internet had also started to really flourish in Malta, and after having exhausted ourselves from playing around with Microsoft Paint, we would eagerly wait until 6pm so that we could fire up the dial-up modem and start chatting away on MSN messenger.

We now look back and gawk at the above-mentioned scenario – when any type of connection was wired and speeds were devastatingly slow.


Fast-forward 20 years and the digital age is well and truly with us. Over time, wireless internet connections have made life simpler, though they haven’t been without fault. WiFi drop out zones and dead spots can be a common irritation as well the system’s speed decline with added devices or increased distances.

Traditionally, solutions to extending WiFi range were limited to either physically connecting an ethernet cable between two routers in different parts of your home, or else using an off-the-shelf WiFi extender, which at best may help the WiFi reach another room but it will dramatically slow down the WiFi speed. We haven’t even touched on interference, security and drop out issues.

Kids today complain about waiting
3 seconds for Youtube to load...

Fear not – Melita has a solution that guarantees a revolutionary internet experience for your home.

Introducing StellarWiFi – an adaptive mesh wireless internet system backed by cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, that can seamlessly cover your home whilst maintaining internet speeds throughout and introducing a whole host of new features!

Adaptive mesh what!?


Melita StellarWiFi SuperPods
SuperPods automatically detect each other and form your very own WiFi network, or mesh, around your house.



No need to fret – StellarWiFi is super easy to set up and install, however the technology behind the system is anything but simple.

In essence, you get a number of SuperPods, one of which you simply have to connect to your modem, whilst the rest are placed throughout the home in the best places to ensure a strong WiFi signal in all areas. All they require is a plug socket. It quite literally takes just a few minutes to install.

The SuperPods then automatically detect each other and form your very own WiFi network, or mesh, around your house. A key difference between Melita StellarWiFi and any other mesh system is that it’s powered by Plume, an advanced AdaptiveWiFi™ system which uses artificial intelligence to constantly optimise your home WiFi experience.

Plume takes into account all of the SuperPods in your house and optimises them so that you always have the best WiFi connection possible. For example Plume is able to pick different channels on either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz spectrum simultaneously, at an individual SuperPod level. Other mesh systems all operate on a single channel to relay traffic back to the Internet, limiting potential and limiting your WiFi experience!

Plume also makes real-time decisions on the quickest way to route data. Say for instance, that your modem is in the garage connected to a SuperPod, and then you have a second SuperPod in the living room and a third in the upstairs bedroom. If the second SuperPod is using up a lot of bandwidth due to streaming TV, then the upstairs bedroom SuperPod may opt to skip that one and connect directly with the one in the garage. StellarWiFi uses many other techniques similar to this one in order to adapt to your usage needs and deliver optimum performance at all times.

Furthermore, Plume’s intelligence system is cloud-based and learns your usage patterns. So, if you typically stream movies at a specific time of day, Plume will pre-configure your system in advance to support this activity.

This, supported by a nationwide network of some of Malta’s best quality internet infrastructure, makes Melita StellarWiFi far superior to an ordinary mesh system.


Plume parental controls
Use the App to give guests access to your WiFi with the tap of a finger. Fancy some offline time? Freeze access by device: WiFi super powers.

Plume also comes with a very handy App which gives users a whole host of added features. Say you have friends over for a dinner party, and a guest asks you for the WiFi password. HomePass guest access lets you control who can use your WiFi network and for how long. You can even choose to provide internet-only access to guests meaning that they won’t be able to access any devices on the network such as smart TVs or printers. All of this through a couple of easy taps on the Plume App.

If you also want more control over internet usage you can use the Plume App to see which devices are connected to your network. Melita StellarWiFi also gives you the ability to freeze internet access for a set amount of time (quiet family dinner, anyone!?). Advanced parental control within StellarWiFi also enables you to set scheduling for specific devices or block access to specific sites.

Whichever StellarWiFi package you choose – you are always assured that maximum speed and uptime through Melita’s Fibre-Powered internet. For more information on how you can get connected and stay connected with Melita – talk to one of our sales representatives at an outlet near you, or click here to find out more!

Simon Poljšak

Simon Poljšak

Product Manager – Television, Internet and Telephony