Top Up Pay Bill


The following are the Terms and Conditions applicable in respect of the internet Stellar WiFi (“Service”) being provided to customers (“the Customer”) by Melita Limited. (“Melita”). Access to the benefits of this Service is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. This Service will start from the 8th June 2020 and will continue thereafter unless and until it is terminated by Melita.
  2. This Service is available to new and existing Customers subscribed to any of Melita’s fixed internet services.
  3. Customers subscribing to a Melita internet connection having a minimum download speed of 30Mbps may subscribe to this Service and shall benefit from an enhanced internet experience wherein the Customer is in control of his home’s wireless experience. In order to benefit from this Service Customers shall receive one (1) pod.
  4. The monthly access fee for the pod shall be equivalent to €2.99. Customers may at any point in time during the term of this Agreement request additional pods. Each additional pod shall be subject to an extra applicable monthly fee of €2.99.
  5. In accordance with the Schedule of Charges, a pod Installation Charge may be applicable.
  6. Customers subscribing to this Service agree to be bound by a twenty-four-month (24) agreement. Should the Customer wish to terminate this Service he may do so in accordance with clause 10 of this Agreement.
  7. Customers who subscribe to this Service must download the applicable app from Apple or Android playstore in order to make use of the Service. The app is subject to an end user agreement with the third party providing said app. In case of conflict between this Agreement and the end user agreement this Agreement shall prevail.
  8. In downloading the app, Customer agrees with the provision of his personal data to the third-party provider. Customer acknowledges that without the provision of such data he will not be able to avail himself of the Service. In order to be able to provide the Customer with an improved and efficient service therefore enabling us and the third party provider to maintain and further improve the quality of the service, the pods will collect data related to their use and any other factors which might impact your service.
  9. Customer acknowledges that the pods are the property of Melita and that at no time during the duration of the Service shall the ownership of said pods be transferred to the Customer.
  10. These Terms and Conditions are to be read in conjunction with any other relevant terms and conditions that apply. In case of conflict between these Terms and Conditions and or any other applicable terms and conditions, these Terms and Conditions shall apply.
  11. Melita reserves the right to suspend, amend or otherwise alter this Service and these Terms and Conditions at any time by giving you 30 days’ written notice of such amendments and such amendments shall automatically become part of these Terms and Conditions at the end of the said notice period. If you do not accept any such amendments, you have the right to migrate on to a different tariff plan or terminate the service without incurring any penalty during the 30 day notice period.