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The Advantages of Bundling Services: Combining TV, Internet, and Phone for Savings

Monday, April 24, 2023 by Simon Poljsak

The Advantages of Bundling Services: Combining TV, Internet, and Phone for Savings

With the prices of every day goods and services soaring and inflation showing no signs of slowing down, it’s important to do everything you can to save money each month. Fortunately you can take advantage of bundled packages that give you a great price when you combine the high speed home Internet, TV and fixed line telephone services that you need.

When you choose the best Internet, TV and phone packages, you’ll be able to configure your bundle so you get the right coverage and options for you. You can choose your internet speed and create a full coverage home Internet network too. Melita’s NexTV provides a fully featured television experience, with great entertainment options like 7 day Catch Up and Record and streaming via their App. When you add telephone and a mobile service, you’ll be covered and connected everywhere you go.

Cost Savings With Packages

Instead of paying separate monthly charges for each of the services you need, you can create your own custom Flexi bundle that has the perfect high-end services you need. You’ll save a lot of money each month when you take advantage of this special package pricing. In addition to the bundled savings, if you choose All in+ your 3rd mobile plan, and your 4th, and your 5th, is discounted to only €15.99 per month.

If you paid for each service separately, the initial monthly a la carte pricing for fibre powered internet (€25.99), TV Starter NexTV (€10.49) and Telephony (€10.49) would total €46.97. By choosing bundled services, you’ll get these same three items for an initial monthly price of only €25.99. You could use the savings to pay for your Endless mobile phone service coverage.


Most of us have way too much going on in our lives, so anything we can do to make things simpler and easier on ourselves is a plus. When you purchase a service bundle, you’ll eliminate the need to manage multiple accounts and multiple due dates for your bills. The convenience of having all of these key services appear in one bill will make your life simpler.

Choosing a Residential or Business Account

With Melita’s fibre powered internet, you’ll have the high speed service you need to easily work remotely from home. The 500×50 or 1,000×60 Mbps will provide all the bandwidth you need to conduct video calls and handle any office-related tasks or assignments.

If you are self employed or a sole trader who operates with a VAT number, you’ll need to register for a Business internet account rather than a residential account.

The Main Components of a Service Bundle

One of the best things about creating your own service bundle is that you can make customised choices along the way. You’ll get to pick the right level and category of service for high speed home Internet, TV package, fixed line telephone and mobile phone service plans too.

You’ll also love that when you select your TV, phone and Internet bundle, you’ll have the flexibility to make any future changes you require. Additional services, changes in service levels can be made at any time.

Customising Your Service Bundle – High Speed Internet Choices

Melita offers two levels of fibre powered internet high speed service. You can choose between the 500 Mbps or 1,000 Mbps plans. With this service, you’ll also get StellarWiFi powered by eero, an Amazon product, that gives you uninterrupted internet coverage for every room in your home.

When you choose the 1,000 Mbps level, two Stellar Wifi Pods are included, along with parental controls and easy WiFi management. You’ll also get Umbrella cyber security service, which is an added layer of cyber defence when connected to home Internet or WiFi, included at no extra charge. You can also add a static IP if needed.

Customising Your Service Bundle – TV Choices

With Melita’s NexTV you’ll never miss a program, as you’ll have 7 day Catch-up and be able to play, pause and record online. The NexTV starter pack gives you 20 digital and 9 HD channels, including all Maltese and the most popular Italian channels. You can even stream the channels with the NexTV App.

If you move up to the NexTV L HD level you’ll have some 90 channels to choose from, including 17 HD choices. You’ll get a great range of channel choices ranging from National Geographic, Discovery Family, Travel Channel HD, BBC Entertainment and Disney Channels. The XL HD tier boosts your channels to 120 and includes even more popular content options.

Customising Your Service Bundle - TV Choices

Customising Your Service Bundle – Telephony Choices

For phone service, you can choose between Telephony Fixed Line and Telephony Fixed and Mobile Unlimited. With the first option, you’ll pay €0.05 per minute for calls to local fixed numbers, and €0.23 per minute to local mobile numbers. Calling abroad will cost from €0.10 per minute.

You can save a lot of money on local calls if you opt for the Fixed and Mobile Unlimited upgrade. This plan gives you unlimited, no charge minutes, to all local fixed numbers and local mobile numbers too. The costs of calling abroad start from €0.10 per minute.

Customising Your Service Bundle – Mobile Plans

To save even more, and get more value for your bundle, add a mobile plan subscription to your service package. Melita’s Endless mobile plans give you Endless calls, SMS and 5G data. You’ll get to choose from several plan levels, which start with Endless Essential and move up to Endless Full Speed and Endless Jet Set.

Here’s a brief rundown of each package and what you can expect;

Endless Essential

  • Endless Data, (20 Mbps speed)
  • Endless calls and SMS to all local numbers from  Malta. Also to all EU, UK and local numbers whilst roaming in the EU & UK
  • EU Data 27 GB when roaming in the EU & UK
  • Endless MelitaWiFi

Endless Full Speed

  • Endless calls and SMS to all local, EU & UK numbers from Malta and whilst roaming in the EU & UK
  • Endless international calls and SMS to Australia, Canada, China, USA from Malta
  • EU Data 31 GB when roaming in the EU & UK
  • Endless MelitaWiFi across the Maltese islandsTSN1 Premium Sports via the NexTV App

Endless Jet Set

  • Endless calls and SMS from Malta to the EU, UK, USA, Australia, Canada and China
  • Endless JetSet includes 1 GB of mobile data in almost 60 far-flung locations from Argentina to Zanzibar. Plus great value on additional data when you need it
  • TSN1 Premium Sports via the NexTV App
Customising Your Service Bundle – Mobile Plans

All plans include a generous allowance for mobile data when roaming in the EU and UK. With All in+ if you are adding Endless mobile plans to your bundler there are discounts from the first plan you get, and the more plans you add, the bigger the savings!

Promotional Offers and Other Service Bundle Benefits

When you sign up for a bundled service, you’ll receive a great promotional discount for the first six months of your service. This discount, when combined will all of the other savings from bundling vs a la carte pricing will save a you a substantial amount of money. New clients who choose the 1,000 Mbps Flexi bundle only pay €25.49 per month for the first 6 months, and €40.49 thereafter.

By selecting a bundle from a quality provider like Melita, you’ll also improve the reliability of your services. You’ll have one provider to turn to if you have any technical support issues or need help with products or upgrades.


If you want to take care of all of your telecom, TV entertainment and high speed internet needs, make the wise choice and choose a flexi bundle from Melita. You’ll have peace of mind knowing everything you need is provided in one easy to manage account. And, best of all, you’ll be amazed by the lightning fast speeds of fibre powered internet and Melita’s nationwide 5G mobile network.

Simon Poljsak

Simon Poljsak

Senior Manager - Fixed Services & TV Business development