Missed Call Notification

The Missed Call Notification lets you know when you have missed a call when the phone is switched off or has no signal.

An SMS is sent with the phone number, date, time, and the number of times the caller has tried to contact you. The service is free of charge.

You can activate this notification by sending an SMS to 123 and write the word “sub”. Once activated, set call forwarding to 35677121123 and choose of these features you would like:

· When there is no phone coverage: *62*35677121123#

· When busy on another call: *67*35677121123#

· When you receive a call but can’t answer: *61*35677121123#

If you are roaming, this feature might not work. Set the call forwarding manually through the handset’s call settings.

To remove the service

· Send an SMS to 123 and write “unsub”.

· Call on ##002# to remove any missed call notification diverts.

If you had any conditional Call Forwarding, these will be removed and you need to set it again.