Mesh Network Benefits

  • One of the main positives to a mesh Wi-Fi system is better coverage throughout your home. You’re no longer relying on a router in one spot broadcasting signal throughout the entire building, but instead, a network of nodes all working together. Placing nodes throughout provides better overall coverage with less signal drop.
eero coverage
  • No more problem of single point of failure, which is the issue in star topologies (and even worse on bus topologies). If one node can no longer operate, the network has the ability to reroute which enables it to still communicate between the remaining nodes.
  • Taking the network down is impossible unless there is some kind of worldwide catastrophe that wipes out all electronic devices in the world.
  • The network works with minimal infrastructure and can therefore be deployed faster at a lower cost than traditional infrastructure.
  • There is no centralized authority in a mesh network. For that reason, some people compare it with what the Internet was back in the day: localised, anonymous, citizen-based, secure communication.
  • Additional devices in a mesh topology will not affect its network connection. Hence it will improve the traffic in the network. Mesh topology makes a large data center that simulates useful information to its nodes.