How do I keep my existing telephone number when leaving Melita?

It is sad to see that you are thinking of leaving us.

On the other hand, you can keep your existing telephone number when you decide to leave Melita. In that case please ask your new operator for a Landline Porting Form.

Make sure that you fill this form properly and all data matches our information about you.

Your new operator will then contact us on your behalf in order for you to keep the same landline number.

Additionally, it’s important to know that when the new operator gets in touch with us to retain your existing telephone number and transfer your number to them, your telephone service with Melita will be terminated. If your telephone number is part of a bundle, this would result in the termination of all associated services, including your Internet and TV connections, unless arrangements are made to retain such associated services with Melita prior to submitting the porting form to the new operator.