What Is The Android TV Operating System?

Android TV is the version of the Android operating system that’s specifically designed to run on televisions. It’s been around since mid-2014 when it replaced Google TV. Android TV OS is found built in into smart TVs. At various times, Sharp, Sony, Philips, and Hisense have all used Android TV OS to power their TVs’ smart capabilities.

It is important to mention that not all TV SETs come with Android TV platform, even though they are classified as “Smart TV”. At the moment it is estimated that 15% of TV sets found within the market, have built in Android TV, among them the biggest brands would be:

  • Phillips
  • Sony
  • Sharp
  • TLC
  • Varity of other white lable brands, some unknown or growing Chinese brands

For Official partners and full list of biggest brands that carry ANDROID TV platform, please access the link below here: https://www.android.com/tv/

The interface on Android TV boxes bears little resemblance to its smartphone counterpart.

Apps are displayed on scrollable ribbons across the screen. On most Android TV boxes, you can set up your favorites, as well as see recommended content from your apps in additional ribbons further down the screen. Android TV boxes do not support widgets.

What Can You Watch On Android TV?

Android TV users have access to the Google Play Store. However, it’s not the Google Play Store that you’ll be accustomed to if you’re an Android mobile user. The list of available apps is heavily modified. An app developer has to make their software Android TV-compatible in order for it to be listed in the TV version of the store. That means many apps from smaller developers aren’t available.

Key functionalities that usually comes with an Android TV set

  • Chromecast – which is usually built in. You can cast directly from your phone, tablet, or desktop Chrome browser whatever you are watching straight to your TV.
  • Bluetooth, If your Android TV is Bluetooth-enabled, you can use the connection to hook it up with your phone, keyboard, laptop, or another device.
  • One remote for all functionalities.