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Melita NexTV App with your Flexi Bundle

The Melita NexTV App is free for all our NexTV customers. The Melita TV App is now available directly on your TV without the need for any additional boxes.

Choose the App that fits your needs:

Android TV Apple TV Fire TV

New Flexi Bundle customers can choose the Melita NexTV App by itself, or with the NexTV Box.

NexTV Android TV App

Simply the best of NexTV. Over WiFi.



Don’t want a NexTV Box and a cable connection? Watch over WiFi.



Download the App to your smart TV.



No new password needed. Use your MyMelita credentials.



Great entertainment and interactivity: Catch up, Record, Pause, Rewind.

NexTV Box, Melita NexTV App or both? Your choice.

Build your Flexi Bundle to suit you; when it comes to TV, choose the NexTV Box and get access to the Melita NexTV App. Or go lite and opt for just the Melita NexTV App.

NexTv Box
NexTV Box
  • Greatest channel choice.
  • Choose from 3 channel packages.
  • Add TSN for premium sports.
  • Catch up, Record, Recommended ++
  • On Demand movies and series.
  • Split Screen viewing feature.
  • Includes Melita NexTV App.
  • Watch on up to 4 devices.
NexTv App
Melita NexTV App
  • Download direct to your smart TV.
  • Minimise equipment and cables.
  • One remote control for everything.
  • Watch NexTV from your smart TV home screen.
  • NexTV, Netflix, YouTube side by side.
  • The best channels in two package choices.
  • Add TSN for premium sports.
  • Catch up, Record, Recommended ++

The best content with the Melita NexTV App

Frequently asked questions

What smart TV supports Melita NexTV App?

The Melita NexTV App is available on Android TV, Apple TV and Firestick

What’s so good about the Melita NexTV App?

Download the App direct to your smart TV and watch Melita NexTV from your smart TV home screen.  No need for more cables, equipment or log-in credentials.

Will I get the same channels with the Melita NexTV App?

No, the Melita NexTV App is available with two package choices, each of which have a selection of our most popular channels.

What’s the difference between the NexTV App and the Melita NexTV App?

Both Apps are available for free download to current NexTV customers. With the NexTV App you can watch NexTV across devices such as your smartphone or tablet. The Melita NexTV App can be downloaded directly on to a smart TV and is available to new customers as a Flexi Bundle option without the NexTV Box.

Can I download the Melita NexTV App direct to my Smart TV?

Yes, the Melita NexTV App can be downloaded directly to any smart TV.

Will I need a new remote control?

One of the benefits of the Melita NexTV App is that it works smoothly from your smart TV, the NexTV icon will appear next to other Apps like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, then you just choose what you want to stream.

Will I need another set of log-in credentials?

No, you can use your usual Melita username and password, just like you would for MyMelita.

Dont' have an smart TV? No Problem!

NexTV App is also available on android and apple smart phones or accessible via website when taking Flexi Bundle with a NexTV box.

Melita NexTV

Watch the best entertainment in Malta across 3 platforms

TV Screen

Via NexTV Box or Melita NexTV App

TV Screen

Via browser

TV Screen

Via NexTV App


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