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Sometimes good things come in threes, or fours

Why is that all the good shows seem to be on at the same time, especially when you've got places to be and people to see? With NexTV you can watch on your TV and record up to three other programmes, from your NexTV Box, computer, smartphone or tablet.

There's lots to see on NexTV, so everyone has 20 hours of recording space, enough to save a whole series, but if you'd like to save even more programmes you can opt to get 100 hours of recording space for just €1 a month.

Your recordings are safely stored in the cloud for up to 6 months, and if you forget what you've saved for later, simply navigate through to the My World section on the NexTV interface and you'll see your recordings and all your planned recordings.

Look for these icons:

  • Recording is available on this channel
  • Programme being recorded
  • Programme recorded
  • Planned recording

Record is available on all these channels

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