Melita NexTV

NexTV + 250 Mbps from

Easy to use

Entertainment at the touch of a thumb

Melita NexTV Melita NexTV Remote

Press and play

The remote fits perfectly in your palm, it’s light, it’s practical and it’s designed for you to navigate through the menus as easily as if you were a five year old. Thumbs up to that.

Handy buttons on your remote:

  • Mark your favourite channels and programmes
  • See programme information at a glance
  • Toggle between the last two programmes watched

Set your own shortcuts

If you thumb is feeling a little weary, use the 4 coloured buttons in the middle of your remote to set a shortcut to take you to the menu function or programme that you use the most. Just press and hold one of the coloured buttons.

It’s as easy as setting a radio station in your car.

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NexTV Remote

Access the best entertainment in Malta across 3 platforms

TV Screen

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TV Screen

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TV Screen

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