Where should I place my eero?

Strategically placing your eeros is the most important step you can take to ensure your system provides reliable WiFi to every room in your home.

Each home is different, where you place your eeros will depend on the layout. Placement decisions will also depend on where you want strong WiFi coverage. Placement isn’t an exact science, and you might have to experiment with the location for optimal performance.


For an easy setup, keep the distance between your eeros less than 50 feet. Once your network is up and running, feel free to spread them around your home.

You may also connect them using an ethernet connection. Wireless links are typically slower and more prone to interference since they share the airways with other devices that are also broadcasting. Eeros are designed to deliver the fastest WiFi connection possible in any configuration, so while wiring isn’t necessary, it may help to increase the speed and strength of the signal throughout your home.

Ideally, the modem and gateway eero should be in an open area, try to avoid putting them in a cabinet or behind the TV.