What is the difference between Plume WiFi, WiFi routers, Extenders and Mesh?

Routers and extenders

Routers have limited coverage. Extenders can often improve the coverage but they degrade the internet speed.

Mesh WiFi

Mesh WiFi systems provides relatively higher coverage along without degrading speed. They can replace your router as well.

PlumeWiFi Adaptive WiFi is a unique mesh WiFi system that uses AI to optimize your WiFi based on your usage to deliver the best speed and coverage.

Every home is different. PlumeWiFi monitors your home environment, device types and data requirements to provide each device the right speed and coverage. PlumeWiFi utilizes multiple wireless channels and pods to do this. PlumeWiFi intelligent optimization would allow you to use more devices efficiently simultaneously.

Additionally, PlumeWiFi system comes with a feature which will let you upgrade hardware firmware and use all the new features launched in the future.