How do I rename my pods?

Each pod is provided with a default name when you set it up the first time. Renaming a pod allows you to select your own pod names, making it easier for you to identify the pods and their location.

  • Select the pod you want to rename on the App
  • Click on the selected pod on the topology view of the App


  • Open the main menu by tapping the icon on the top left of your home screen
Plume App - Main menu
  • Tap the Pods tab
Plume App - Pods tab
  • Select the pod you would like to rename. Click on the ellipses (…) and select Rename Pods
Plume App - Renaming pods

The App will prompt you to rename the pod.

Plume App - Renaming pods

Enter the name of your pod or select from a list of suggested names.