Why are some pods offline on my network?

There may be a few reasons why your pod would appear disconnected or offline. The below could be the reasons:

Single or a few Pods are offline

“The pod is unplugged or is not receiving any power”

  • Check if the outlet has power by plugging in another Pod or any other appliance to confirm. When pods are first plugged in, the LED should turn on solid briefly and then start to slowly pulse as it is trying to connect to the cloud.
  • If the outlet is switched, make sure no one else is turning it off by accident

“The pod is too far away from any other connected pod”

  • The LED will be slowly pulsing as it tries to connect to the cloud
  • Move the pod closer to another pod or in the same location as a known working Pod. The pod should connect
  • Use the pod health indicator to check signal quality
  • If it is a range issue add another pod to your StellarWiFi network