Pod health

On the pod detail screen, the app reports the current pod health. Pod health describes the connection quality of the link between this pod and its immediate parent pod.

Pod health takes into account the WiFi signal strength, the speed of data transmission and available airtime to send and receive data from the upstream connected pod.

When your pod is moved, StellarWiFi recalculates the pod health to keep this information current. Pod health ranges from Excellent to Poor and is described below:


  • Pod has a stellar connection to the upstream pod. The WiFi environment is wide open for communications between the pods. All applications should run flawlessly.


  • The connection to the upstream pod is okay. All applications on the connected devices should run without any major impairments. Some initial buffering may happen for very high-speed applications such as 4K video streaming.


  • The connection to the upstream pod is not ideal for real time applications or high throughout applications, like 4K video streaming.


The pod is not able to communicate well with the upstream connected pod. It may be too far from it or large amounts of interference may exist in its current location. Connected IOT devices or downstream pods and their connected IOT may continue to work but real-time applications such as video conferencing or streaming may suffer.