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Alessandro Scicluna

Friday, April 17, 2020 by Melita

Alessandro Scicluna

Time on Earth – 30 years

Time at Melita – 12 years

Status – Engaged

“If I had to describe Melita in three words, I would say that it’s my second family.”

Before joining Melita I used to work part-time at the airport but Melita was my first ever full time job.  At the time I started off as a Technical Contact Center Agent and after five years in that role I moved to the revenue assurance department as an Officer. 

A year later, Melita set up an Internal Audit function, and since internal audit had always intrigued me I was one of the first to join the department.  There, I spent two years as an Executive and another subsequent year managing the department.  That’s when I decided to move to the Projects and Processes Department, which at the time was quite new and so was my function.  Soon enough it grew, and the department was integrated with Customer Experience. I now manage both the projects and customer experience improvements as Senior Manager – Projects & CX Improvements. This role means that I’m responsible for managing company projects and improving the customer experience within the Contact Center Department.

If I had to describe Melita in three words, I would say that it’s my second family. During the past 12 years I have made so many good memories and had so many good experiences that I now consider most of the people working at Melita as my best friends. Even when someone leaves, we tend to stay in touch on a daily basis. I’ve served as best man to two of my colleagues and this is something that I will cherish forever.

One thing that Melita does very well is to provide family-friendly measures that makes it easy for everyone to achieve a good work-life balance without too much of a struggle. We might be a big company but we have a family culture with teamwork at the basis of everything we do. This is very strongly driven by higher managment and trickled down to the very last agent working within Melita. The fact that everyone is willing to help in every way makes Melita one of the best places to work at.