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All I want for Christmas … is Melita!

Friday, December 20, 2019 by Melita

All I want for Christmas … is Melita!

This Christmas, treat yourself or a loved one to one of Melita’s products or services and give the gift of happiness!  There are so many exciting things to choose – from the latest smartphones to super-fast internet speeds or dedicated sports channels.

A new smartphone … would be a super cool present for a young teenager, who is desperate to own their first mobile phone so they can chat to friends, post pictures of what they are up to and check out the latest tweets. And if you are concerned about the youngster going onto sites you’d prefer them not doing so, then you can block access to unsuitable websites.  Or a smartphone could be a really useful upgrade for your dad, mum or even grandparent, who are wedded to their old phone, not realising how much better, and fun, a smart phone can be.  Once they’ve ‘chatted’ to their children on Whatsapp; seen their latest grandchild, who lives abroad, via a video call and done their first banking transaction on-line, they will never look back.

Unlock those sports channels … for the sports mad aficionados in your family. With an upgrade costing only €5 a month, they could access eight sports channels from TSN (Total Sports Network) on all their TV boxes or devices through the NexTV app.  This will allow you to watch all the best national and international competitions and teams with HD quality pictures from football to rugby, golf or tennis or motor-racing.  Enjoy all the action from the comfort of your sofa and with Melita’s cable TV, you’ll never have to worry about missing a slice of action through slow or intermittent broadband speed. So, just settle down and enjoy the drama!

Unlock movies and more … for all the family from the youngest to the oldest!  The Melita NexTV plans all include OnDemand movies, which can be downloaded and watched within 48 hours for as little as €1.  The TV90+ NexTV and TV140+ NexTV bundles also offer a range of free movies and series.  So, browse at your leisure the 100’s of Hollywood blockbuster movies ranging from comedy to drama and from family to horror.  Some of the latest movies include the Avengers: Endgame, Cars 3, Little, Rocketman, Mary Queen of Scots, the Hustle, Toy Story 4 and there are many, many more.  Should you have to pop out or inadvertently drop off to sleep, then you have up to 48 hours to watch the movie again.  And keep the kids happy by choosing one of the popular series of children’s programmes including Kung Fu Panda or SpongeBob. Happy viewing everyone!

Upgrade your internet speed … if you, or one of the members of your family, is a serious gamer then the last thing you want is slow or dodgy internet.  To game successfully, you need an ultra-stable internet connection, superfast speeds and low ping.  Melita is able to offer all this because of its superfast GigaPower, which allows 1,000 million bits of data (1Gbps) to stream into your home, providing you’re connected to your Melita internet modem via a wired connection.  That’s 40 times more data that with a 25 Mbps internet connection and amazingly, you can enjoy these speeds even when other people in your household are using multiple devices.  So, you can download a new game in minutes, get all those necessary updates in seconds and never miss a trick. The perfect way to ensure you keep ahead of the pack!

And brand new to Melita … the latest Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Apple iphone 11.  The newest innovation for these phones is their cameras.  The 11 Pro has a triple-camera system, which enables ultra-wide footage with three scales – ultra-wide, wide and standard, so you can snap bigger pictures than ever before. The 11 is slightly less flashy with a dual-camera system, giving you an additional 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera that supports 2x optical zoom. Or, you could go for the latest portable MiFi routers.  These Huawei mobile routers enable you to connect multiple devices wherever you are – whether it be laptop/tablet or smartphone.  How smart is that!



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