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Anatole Debono – Business Sales Assistant Manager

Monday, July 26, 2021 by Anatole Debono

Anatole Debono – Business Sales Assistant Manager

Time on Earth – 41 years
Time at Melita – 8 months
Status  – Married with 2 kids (aged 5 and 16 months)

I’m not new to the telecoms industry, in fact, I’ve been involved in it for more than twenty years. Just before joining Melita, I worked for Vodafone Malta for six years, and before that, I worked with Go for a long time.  In between, I also worked with Malta Enterprise – a Government Entity that supports Foreign Direct Investment and Local Business – as personal assistant of the Executive Chairman. I was subsequently appointed Board Secretary of Malta Enterprise and Company Secretary of Malta Industrial Parks.

My role at Melita is that of a Business Sales Assistant Manager. My main responsibility is that of supporting and assisting the Business Sales Manager.  In short, I assist and manage the day to day running of the whole team and am directly responsible for the Key Account Management Team.  Our aim, as a unit, is that of improving the overall customer experience of Melita’s business clients.

I find Melita to be a process-driven customer-focused organisation that is now concentrating very strongly on its B2B sector. In the past, the company focused more on the consumer market, but now we also aim to strengthen the company’s relationship with the business community.

Since Melita supports its employees and offers the flexibility to work remotely, it’s easier for me to juggle work-life responsibilities.  This comes in very handy when it comes to spending good quality time with my wife and two children.  My son Kayne is 5 years old and my daughter Evanora is only 15 months old.  As you can imagine they are both very demanding and I love spending time with them. Thanks to Melita I can work from home and support my family even when my children are attending online lessons and my wife, who is a teacher, is teaching her own students.  

Besides being given the golden opportunity to achieve a good work-life balance, Melita also offers ample opportunities for career progression.  Employee contributions and suggestions are always recognised and favourably considered. This attitude and culture make us feel appreciated and motivates us every day.  

I would recommend working at Melita to anyone I care about because the company recognises and appreciates its employees and provides personal and professional development opportunities through the training and development team.

Anatole Debono

Anatole Debono

Business Sales Assistant Manager