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Anthony Aquilina – Projects and CX Design and Delivery Manager

Friday, October 02, 2020 by Anthony Aquilina

Anthony Aquilina – Projects and CX Design and Delivery Manager

Time on Earth: 31 Years

Status: Married

Time at Melita:  10 years

At Melita, I am responsible in assisting with company projects and implementing new solutions that are aimed at improving the customer experience.

Before joining Melita in 2010, I worked with a retail company that sells technological products – I was involved in sales and also with the logistics and stock distribution at the company’s outlets.  Now, I have been working at the company for ten years and have worked in various roles, developing my career along the years.

I first joined, as a Retail Sales Executive within the Retail Team. I was later promoted to a supervisor within the same department and eventually took on the role of Retail Outlet Manager. I spent about one year managing a particular outlet and then moved on to being appointed Retail Coordinator. This meant that I worked across various outlets, coordinating the teams and supporting them in whatever they needed.

Through these three roles, I gained a very good basis of the retail area and its management, and was subsequently promoted to a Resellers Manager. Here, I was in charge of all the reseller outlets, with the help of two other team members.

Following that, I moved to a different area, this time taking the role of Customer Experience Design Manager, within the Customer Experience Team. This involves working on a number of digital improvements, such as the introduction of educational videos, a companywide Knowledge Centre and the introduction of an AI Chatbot. The projects all centre around the aspect of improving customers’ experience with Melita’s products and services.

Melita is continuously coming up with new and innovative ideas that keep employees energised and wanting to learn and do more.  There is always a number of activities going on and you can sense the welcoming atmosphere across the board. The management is very approachable and hold an open-door policy, making sure that every employee feels valued.

Anthony Aquilina

I have many memories of the past ten years working at Melita. However, if I had to choose one, it would be the Retail Bonanza events. These entailed lots of preparation and hard work, but it was something I always looked forward to – there was a lot of teamwork during this period of time and everyone worked really hard for one common goal. As a group, we decorated our outlets, promoted the company services and shared seasonal treats. There were definitely some good times to remember during these events!

I recently got married and I must admit, there has been an increase in my personal commitments. However, Melita has always provided me with a good work-life balance, allowing ample personal and leisure time. I am a very deadline-oriented person and therefore managing time is not always as straightforward. However, we have a great team of people who are always ready to assist each other and thanks to that, we always managed to deliver. We get to celebrate our achievements too!

Over the past ten years, Melita has given me some amazing opportunities to grow in my career. It is truly a workplace where you can learn and work hard and enjoy it along the way. The best thing is that you get to do so in a truly supportive and fast-paced environment that encourages and promotes career development for all.

Anthony Aquilina

Anthony Aquilina

Projects and CX Design and Delivery Manager