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Friday, July 15, 2016

Bedside entertainment services at Mater Dei Hospital will cease to be offered from 31 July 2016. In line with its contractual obligations, Melita notified the hospital management about the termination of services in 2014. Provision of services had been extended until the end of 2015, and then until July 2016 as per request from the hospital management. During this period services are offered on a best-effort basis as the equipment is end-of-life and no longer under support by its vendors. All remaining bedside equipment will be removed soon after the termination of service.

Melita has been advised that alternative arrangements have been put in place by the hospital management for the provision of Wi-Fi internet across the hospital and Television services in the common areas.

Following a competitive bid in 2007, Melita provided bedside entertainment services at Mater Dei Hospital including Television, Internet and Telephony through dedicated bedside terminals. Services were provided over the MITA network within the hospital in line with conditions set by the Foundation for Medical Services. Throughout this period Melita also offered free services to more than 10% of the beds at Mater Dei mainly in children wards, along with free Television services in hospital common areas.

Melita takes this opportunity to thank Mater Dei Hospital staff and management for the collaboration throughout these years. The company thanks all patients and relatives that made use of the bedside entertainment services and wishes a speedy recovery to all patients currently under care.