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Brighter future for youngsters in care

Friday, February 09, 2024 by Melita

Brighter future for youngsters in care

Youngsters under the care of Fondazzjoni Sebħ will have access to regular psychotherapy sessions after the Children in Need Foundation succeeded in raising enough funds to set up an in-house therapeutic service.

The Melita Foundation is one of the entities which has come forward to support this cause and help fund weekly psychotherapy sessions to secure a brighter childhood for these children.

Children in Need Foundation spokesperson Daniel Abela said through the funds collected, a team of therapists had been engaged to ensure that over the next three years these children will receive consistent therapy to help them navigate the daily challenges they faced following traumatic experiences.

“Since the foundation was set up in 2013, our goal has been a simple one — helping children in need through whatever means we can. We thank The Melita Foundation  who believed in us and supported our cause,” Mr Abela said.

While state agencies provide therapy for the 41 children cared for by the NGO Fondazzjoni Sebħ, resources are often stretched making it impossible to offer immediate service when this is requested by the residents. Thanks to the backing of organisations such as The Melita Foundation, this situation will change providing these children with immediate assistance.

The Melita Foundation Chair Tanya Sammut Bonnici said: “Children are our shared responsibility, and every contribution to Children in Need is a step towards building a world where no child is left behind. Let’s unite in our commitment to creating a nurturing environment for children of all ages.”

Children In Need Foundation
From left to right Dr Claire Cassar CIN Administrator, Yvonne Mallia Director Fondazzjoni Sebh, Ilona Degura Therapist, Daniel Abela CIN Founder & Chairman, Lindsey Cassar Therapist, Claudio Camilleri CIN Administrator and Alexia Baldachino Senior Manager Fondazzzjoni Sebh.