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Meet Carlo Gerada – Melita Sales Co-ordinator; DJ & Music Producer

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 by Carlo Gerada

Meet Carlo Gerada – Melita Sales Co-ordinator; DJ & Music Producer

Carlo Gerada

Sales Co-ordinator;  DJ & Music Producer

Years on Earth –  28

Years at Melita – 5

Status – Recently engaged

I’ve had a passion for music and entertainment ever since I can remember and like most passions it’s what keeps me going and striving for more. At Melita, where I’ve been working for five years now I’m lucky to have found a good work-life balance between my office work and this great passion of mine as well as my private life. As Melita’s Prepaid Sales Coordinator I work with a small team of four, to make it as easy as possible for people around Malta and Gozo to purchase Melita SIM cards.

I’ve been producing music since the age of 16 and I’m so proud to have won several awards. One of my proudest moments is probably when I  won the best song Award with the song ‘My World’ ft. Jan Cortez. This proved to be a big push in my music career and I quickly released more dance floor hits like ‘Never Let Go’ & ‘Beautiful Mistake’ together with Frank.  Another great achievement was forming part of the event organising team ‘The Rockstars’. Rockstars found itself in one of Paceville’s newest club ‘So City’ and went on for three years in a row, boasting an amazing vibe on a Sunday evening!

I love the music scene, and have no intention of slowing down, on the contrary, I can’t wait for the opening of new opportunities as a dance music producer and also as a DJ.  For me, it all started with learning to play the guitar as a child, but then I discovered electronic dance and the possibility of making my own music and playing for others. That’s how I first got into music production at the age of 16, and then two years later, I got my first gig as a Dj.

I guess music always appealed to me because as a child, I tended to be shy and didn’t speak much but at the same time I really enjoyed entertaining people with new stuff that I had taught myself, like for example a magic trick that I would have been practicing all week, alone in my room. So naturally, since Dj’ing does not include much talking but is still very entertaining, I automatically fell in love with the idea.

It takes a lot of time and dedication to remain top of your game, in fact I would say that it’s more work than a part time job. But luckily I’ve managed to combine my passion with a part-time income, and since I love it so much, hard work does not scare me…and if I ever need to unwind, I know that a nice game of billiard or snooker does the trick.

Carlo Gerada

Carlo Gerada

Melita Sales Co-ordinator