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Christine Agius

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 by

Christine Agius

Time on Earth – 32 years

Time at Melita – 10 years

Status – engaged and mother of one

“I love my work, and can sometimes be a typical workaholic, but the company is very flexible and provides many family friendly measures.”

I started working at Melita back in November 2010 just when my daughter, who is now 14 years old, started pre-grade school. Before that I worked in a family business. When I first joined, 10 years ago, I was a Telesales Agent, but very soon I moved to the Retail Department as a Retail Sales Executive. In 2013 I was promoted to Assistant Branch Manager and just two years later, in 2015, I got promoted again, this time to, Branch Manager.  Just a few years later, in 2019, I switched to Digital Sales, and my current role is now that of Digital Sales Manager.

In this role my main responsibilities are to manage and increase digital sales, strive to improve our digital platform and to manage a team that assists our affiliates and staff collaboration programs.

As a company, I find Melita very well-organized and employee-orientated. Employees have lots of opportunity for improvement by constantly receiving training through internal and external workshops.  A huge consistent effort is made to enhance employee’s knowledge and skills that help overall progression and development as well as efficiency in daily operations.

As a culture we are very team-oriented with lots of social events being organised all the time. These help employees to get to know each other and to strengthen their relationship in and outside of the office. I must say that in my colleagues I’ve found another family. Everyone is caring and fully supportive for one another; everyone is very willing to help solve difficulties whether they are work-related or not.

One of the best memories that I will always cherish is also one of my proudest moments. It was when I was awarded with a pride award for my hard work and dedication. This recognition has driven me to strive even further, to improve in my role and to grow even more. Another experience that I will never forget is when my colleagues and I went on a team building holiday abroad. We spent a lovely time together and had the opportunity to get to know each other better and to share beautiful experiences.

Over the years I’ve fine-tuned my time management skills so balancing life with work has become easy.  I love my work, and can sometimes be a typical workaholic, but the company is very flexible and provides many family friendly measures.

Even after so many years, I still feel honoured to be working for Melita – one of the strongest companies here in Malta.  It’s a great feeling to belong to an organization that truly believes in its staff and always invests in its employees. Thanks to Melita, I’ve had the opportunity to develop and enhance my skills, to grow within the company, to develop into a completely different person. I’ve become more creative, innovative and self-disciplined.