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Cleaning is a breeze with the right telecommunications service provider

Friday, November 18, 2022 by Melita Business

Cleaning is a breeze with the right telecommunications service provider

Briiz Malta is setting itself apart from other cleaning companies by partnering with Melita Limited, the only operator in Malta providing gigabit internet and 5G mobile connectivity nationwide, to retain its technological edge and provide a stellar service to its customers.

Briiz CEO Sean Borg said: “We were the first to harness digital to improve our customer experience. We consider ourselves to be the innovative tech cleaning company — we strive to consistently surpass our clients’ exceptionally high expectations.”

Briiz Malta offers commercial and domestic cleaning services with an online client hub. This advanced technology platform requires a highly reliable connectivity partner.

Thanks to its state-of-art technology and continuous network investments, Melita offers fast and uninterrupted internet access. This is combined with a 5G mobile service, which keeps the Briiz Malta team connected while on the go, wherever they are.

Malcolm Briffa, Director of Business Services with Melita said: “With Melita’s nationwide 5G coverage and ultra-fast broadband, Briiz can ensure a seamless, reliable service that enables clients to make their bookings, and the back office to ensure this is efficiently scheduled and communicated to the on-the-ground team.”

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