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Meet Cleaven Camilleri – Credit Control Manager

Thursday, January 02, 2020 by Cleaven Camilleri

Meet Cleaven Camilleri – Credit Control Manager

Years on Earth – 30

Years at Melita – 12 years

Status – Married with twin boys

Role at Melita: Credit Control Manager

I joined Melita back in 2007, at the time as a Customer Care Agent, handling calls related to technical and billing issues, following completion of the BTEC National Diploma in IT Software and Development at MCAST. In 2009, I was promoted to Customer Care Supervisor, a role which I held for seven years. In 2016, I joined the Credit Control Department as an Accounts Executive and a year ago, I was appointed to manager of the same department. I am responsible for ensuring that all receivable accounts are settled in a professional, timely and accurate manner. I manage the customer acquisition process and coordinate the daily operations, making sure that we deliver on the expected service and quality level.  Managing a team of professionals means continuously working to improve efficiently, achieve targets and provide coaching where necessary. Liaising with other teams within Melita, I provide feedback on new processes and products and evaluate their impact on the credit control processes, identify gaps and propose changes to mitigate and eliminate risk. Other than this, I develop reporting tools used to analyse the department’s progress, while communicating results and action plans to stakeholders on a regular basis.

Working at Melita has allowed me to build a strong knowledge base and advance in my career. In 12 years, I have witnessed several changes within the company, with new people joining and bringing in new ideas. The management team has always been welcoming, willing to help and provide what is best for the organisation and the team. There are structural processes in place, which provide direction and allows one to reach goals, targets and objectives. I believe this is one of the key elements of its success.

I also form part of Melita’ social committee, a team of employees which works to keep the get people together, through several activities throughout the year, such as social events as well as family fun days. Melita understands that each and every employee has a family behind him/her that also needs the attention it deserves. I still remember the first social event I attended – it allows you to get to know people from a different angle, outside the place of work, which is very rewarding.

Working at Melita has been a real journey! Among two of the fondest memories I have are two launches which marked important milestones for the company. The first was the mobile launch in February 2009 and the second, the change of the CRM system in July 2014.

I’m glad to have been part of both milestones. Following the launch of the mobile service, I worked extremely long hours at our retail outlets, helping customer by explaining the product and clarifying any queries. It was a long and difficult time, but well worth it!

Prior to the launch of the new CRM system, the team worked tirelessly to test and make the necessary changes.  Following the launch, we made sure that all employees are trained to use it in the best possible manner and clarify any issues. The change was not easy for some, particularly those used to the old system, but we worked as a team to make sure that we were all motivated to make the best out of it.

Outside my work, I am also working to get my MBA. I do my best to manage my time wisely, making sure that I get to spend enough time with my family, particularly my twin boys. I try to dedicate enough time to spend with them, take them out and help them out with school work. At times, this is very demanding, but I do my best to succeed. At work, I do my utmost, but I try not to think about work when I’m spending time with my family.

Melita is a family-friendly organisation that takes care of all its stakeholders. It always aims to make the necessary changes that are best option for the customer, while taking into consideration the well-being of its employees.

I will forever be grateful for the support I have received in the past 12 years. In 2017, the management sponsored my ILM Diploma in Leadership and Management  and is currently sponsoring my Masters studies. Melita not only takes care of its employees, but also helps them grow.

Cleaven Camilleri

Cleaven Camilleri

Credit Control Manager