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Closing the gender gap at work

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 by Melita

Closing the gender gap at work

Melita Limited is a firm believer that when women are empowered to lead, the entire organisation benefits and it has tailored a programme to inspire female employees to take on emerging leadership roles.

Melita has already succeeded in making significant strides with 29 per cent of its senior leadership positions filled by women; it is hoped this programme will inspire even more women to take the lead. Melita has set an ambitious and challenging commitment to achieve 33 per cent of women at the senior leadership level by 2025.

Melita Head of HR, Jacqueline Abela, said: “We’re organising this programme to ensure we continue to narrow the gender gap, by providing the right support and opportunities for women to succeed in key positions across the company. Forty per cent of the team reporting to our CEO is made up of women, so we know women can succeed at the highest levels in Melita.”

Titled Women in Leadership, the internal programme will also provide opportunities for mentorship and subsequent external training for women who wish to manage their career and skills to further progress.

This programme continues to build on the company’s drive to see a more equitable balance in leadership positions — Melita’s commitment to gender equality and family-friendly measures at the workplace has been successively rewarded by the Equality Mark from the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) since 2010.



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