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Connecting people

Monday, April 08, 2019 by Times of Malta

Connecting people

If it’s not challenging, I make it so, Joseph Chetcuti tells Kristina Cassar Dowling as she learns more about how Melita’s services make the Arani Issa presenter’s fast-paced life more manageable. Photos: Jonathan Borg

Sometimes an efficient day planner is not sufficient to get your mass of errands neatly organised into manageable tasks. Sometimes it takes a little bit more to get your never-ending checklist ticked off. With the hectic lifestyle he leads, Joseph Chetcuti, Arani Issa presenter, needs a fast, reliable and powerful service to keep up with his tight schedule.

The setting is a control room at One Productions. And the agenda is simple: sit down with Chetcuti, as he hops from one meeting to the next, to see how technology helps his day run smoothly.

Chetcuti is one busy man, a lawyer by profession, TV presenter and real estate proprietor, to name a few, so he’s the kind of professional who would benefit from being in two places at the same time. But until that swarm of technological advances come our way, 5G-ready mobile internet is the next best thing.

As Chetcuti and I sit in a control room, Arani Issa logos flashing on monitors around the room, his most vital companion in life, his phone, sits on the desk by our side.

“I’m constantly connected,” he says. “I receive and make so many calls in a day it’s unbelievable and this month is really hectic too.”

Chetcuti is referring to the barrage of e-mails, calls and other notifications he’s currently receiving due to the Arani Issa applications for the next season of focus stories.

“We receive over 800 stories when applications open. And apart from responding to all these contacts, my team and I need to justify who’s the most deserving. It’s quite a challenging task.”

Chetcuti explains how the 14-year-old show works – Arani Issa is divided into three sections that deal with transformations, the reuniting of families and financial struggles. These delicate situations all require a serious amount of planning where language barriers, medical procedures and visa problems need to be tackled swiftly and promptly.

“I leave no stone unturned to make a change for every applicant who makes in on the show. If that means I need to make a call to Australia and spend a couple of hours talking to someone on my mobile phone, then I’ll do it. That’s what the situation calls for. We’re talking about a person’s life and happiness here so I make sure I always go all the way for them.”

Getting connected overseas and staying connected throughout the duration of such important calls requires confidence in an excellent service with the fastest speed and network.

“There’s no doubt as to why I choose Melita as my service provider. I depend on Melita to turn other people’s dreams into reality. Without the reliability of Melita’s services, I wouldn’t be able to conduct the buzzing orchestra that is my life.”

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