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How we’re responding to COVID-19

Here’s how we can keep connected and help each other stay healthy.

A message from Harald Roesch - CEO

Latest updates from Melita

Supporting Malta Together’s Festival of Gratitude and Inspiration

Many NGOs and charities have seen a dip in their funding over recent months, so we were happy to be able to support Malta Together with a donation of €10,000 in cash and telecoms services to support the great work done locally by Inspire and the Jesuit Refugee Service. Read more.

May 29, 2020

Covid-19 transforms use of communication services

Most of us have been home most of the time and we’ve been connecting and communicating more than ever –  we’re using the internet 70% more, spending 60% more time on our landlines and 42% more of us switched our TVs on. Read the full article here.

April 15, 2020

Free data to key workers

In recognition of the vital work that our Doctors, nurses, police, armed forces, care workers and all the people at Mater Dei have done, Melita gave all of their customers who are key workers an extra 5 GB of mobile data every week till the 16th of June.
April 1, 2020

Working from Home: expert tips from Hotjar

Whilst some of our team are keeping our network strong and our shops available many of us are working from home. Scott, one of our team leaders, discusses with Jonathan from Hotjar, what it feels like to work remotely and give us tips on how to overcome the challenges. Click here for tips from a work from home expert.

April 3, 2020

Keep Fit Mini Sessions

Let’s keep fit and healthy and break the home routine. Get off that couch, it’s time for some mini sessions. Every 3 hrs, on the hour, starting at 6am on promotion channel, ch 100 – mini fitness sessions for us all to enjoy!

March 30, 2020

Free TV channels

Stay inside with excellent company. Adults and children alike can now enjoy the following channels for free. Keep safe
March 17, 2020

Getting the best from your internet connection

More time at home, working, studying, online. Here’s how you can help everyone at home get the best from your internet.

March 20, 2020

Sound Salon | G7

Missing hanging out with friends and that party feeling? Every Saturday and Sunday, at 9pm, we’ve got you covered with the best party music on our promo channel, ch 100 📺

March 21, 2020

Health Measures in Store

The Government categorises telecommunications as an essential service, so all our stores except for Valletta are open, although most services are available online.
Please don’t come to our stores if you or anyone you live with is in quarantine or feels unwell. If you do come to store, please use our hand sanitiser and respect the floor markings to help everyone keep the required social distance.
Thank you!
March 26, 2020

Stores, Deliveries & Self-Installs

From today the Savoy Shopping Arcade, Valletta is open, so we are happy to say that now all our stores are open along with most of our services being available online. If you would prefer to stay home, or you are in quarantine, we can safely deliver SIM, contracts and equipment, along with self-install leaflets if needed.  Just contact us via chat for all the info.

May 4, 2020

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