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It’s 2019, do you REALLY need a landline telephone?

Monday, November 18, 2019 by Simon Poljšak

It’s 2019, do you REALLY need a landline telephone?

Surely mobile telephones are all we need to communicate in the 21st century? What millennial would want to be seen dead with an ‘old-fashioned’ landline nowadays?  You would think very few – but, you’re wrong!  In fact, there are many good reasons to still have a landline, whether for personal or business use.


When you include your landline as part of a bundle, the cost can be negligible.  With Melita’s Flexi bundle, which includes high speed internet, Smart NexTV and a fixed line, it only costs an extra 3 euros a month for unlimited calls to local fixed lines.  OK, you get a free call allowance if you’re paying 25 euros a month for a mobile phone on a 24-month contract, but you’d have to pay another 10 euros a month if you wanted to call Australia, Canada, the USA or China.   With a landline, you could chat for up to 100 minutes every month to your favourite auntie, who has high-tailed it to Australia or your best friend who’s moved to Canada, for only an extra 3 euros a month.  Another problem with making long-distance calls if you use top up cards, is that more than likely you don’t have enough when you need them!


Mobile signals are improving all the time, but they are far from perfect.  How many times have you tried to speak to someone, who is maybe only in the next village, but you have still found it impossible to catch what they are saying?  All you can hear is gobbledegook, or the call cuts out all the time.  That can sometimes be one of the most frustrating things about mobile phones, especially if you’re on a business call or need to check some salient facts!   And calling long distance can also be a nightmare!  We’ve all suffered from delays on the line, which are so annoying – waiting for two or three minutes in silence for the other person to answer.  Are they still on the line, have they heard what you said? And then you end up repeating yourself or just talking over them when they start to respond.  Even more irritating can be when you hear your own voice echoing down the line, making it almost impossible to have a lucid conversation. 

Settling down on a comfy sofa to have a good old catchup using a landline can be a far better option.  Clear as crystal reception every time, whether calling a mate around the corner or an old friend in a far-flung region of the world. No delays, no cut-outs and no echo to ruin your cosy chat.


If you have a burglar alarm or CCTV at your home, it’s possible your home security system uses your telephone line to connect to an emergency call centre – should you be unlucky enough for an intruder to try to break in. Obviously, you want the quickest response possible from the emergency services and these can locate a call coming from a landline far quicker than a cellular line.

Also, if you are elderly or not in the best of health, then you will need a fixed line if you want to use the Telecare system, which currently handles 100,000 calls every six months.  Such a comfort to know if anything happens to you, you can just press your panic button and help will be on its way.

Quality and Brand Perception.

If you use your phone for business purposes, a landline can be seen as being more “formal” and “established” – even though we’re almost in the 2020’s.  Some people just don’t feel that calling a mobile number is as bona fide as a fixed line.  A fixed line implies a solid, reliable business which is here to stay rather than a fly-by-night temporary one. Totally unwarranted, but that’s the way it can still be perceived.  A fixed line number also indicates your location, whereas with a mobile you could be anywhere!


Who hasn’t forgotten to charge up their mobile phone or has a phone with a poor battery that continually needs charging?  You might be in the middle of an important call and suddenly it goes dead because your battery has run out.  So exasperating!  Try letting go of your mobile for a moment and cuddle up with that good old reliable landline for a change.

And lastly Convenience.

We’ve all ‘lost’ our mobile phone around the home!  Where did I last put it?  Has it slipped under a cushion, maybe it’s in the bathroom, or did I leave it in the car? I know it’s somewhere … but where, oh where!  With a landline, you have the comfort of always knowing where the phone is.  No worry, no minor panic, just time to settle down and make that call.

Simon Poljšak

Simon Poljšak

Product Manager – Television, Internet and Telephony