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Go paperless – why online billing benefits everyone involved

Wednesday, November 06, 2019 by Melita

Go paperless – why online billing benefits everyone involved

If you are a Melita customer who hasn’t already switched over to paperless billing, we have one question for you?  What’s stopping you? Don’t be a digital dinosaur.  It’s time to abandon old routines and embrace new technologies – as online account management and e-billing has so many advantages.  

Still feeling a little apprehensive? Read on, as we explain some of the obvious and not so obvious benefits of going fully paperless.

It’s kinder on the environment.

Keen to reduce your carbon footprint?  Switch to online account management and paperless billing.  It’s obvious isn’t it? Printed bills use more paper – plus the associated services involved in processing, printing, posting and getting your bills delivered to your door have an environmental impact too.  

Online-billing also helps to declutter your home. When a paper bill arrives, what do you do? Leave it on a table, only to stuff it in a drawer once it’s paid, cluttering up your space until you throw it out. What are the actual real benefits of having a paper bill to hold in your hand?   Going paperless is a much neater and smarter way of managing your Melita utility billing. 

Enhanced security.

Online billing also offers enhanced protection from identity theft, reducing the danger of bills getting lost in the post or worse still, being intercepted before they actually reach you. Plus, you can wave goodbye to the extra hassle of having to shred bills before putting them out in the rubbish. Rest assured, our digital statements and e-bills never disclose your credit card or bank details and our online MyMelita portal is perfectly safe. Give yourself added protection by creating a unique password, which uses a combination of characters, as well as upper- and lower-case letters.

It’s better for your pocket.

We all like to save money where we can, right? Because digital billing is a more streamlined process for us here at Melita – we can pass these efficiency savings onto our customers. That’s why customers with paperless billing, pay less for their account charges. 

It’s much more convenient.

Queues – don’t you just hate them?  Especially on a Saturday.  It’s the one day most of us have to get our chores done AND our bills and personal admin sorted.  Why waste your precious Saturdays stressing over car-parking spaces and queuing in line to pay your Melita bill, getting more impatient by the minute.  Log onto your account from the comfort of your home and pay directly.  Or, better still, set up a pre-authorised payment plan helping you to safeguard your Saturdays for something far more satisfying.

It’s much more organized.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to keep across all of your bills, especially if you have one of those months where unexpected emergencies seem to drain all your money.  But by moving your payments online, this can definitely help you become more organized, and to keep better track of your bills.  Nowadays there are just so many ways we can live, smarter, quicker and cut through some of the repetitive administration. 

Using our MyMelita portal is a fast and secure facility for our customers to keep across their account charges and to settle their bills online.  The Melita Ltd website is protected by industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption, keeping all of your credit card data safe. No credit card details are recorded at any time. 

If you are a Melita customer who doesn’t already have an online account, visit to subscribe and create one.  Activation is simple and takes seconds. Or, if you have a smartphone why not download our MyMelita app.  This free app is really easy to use, letting you make payments on the go, wherever you are and at a time that suits.   Once you have activated your account, paying your bills are simple.  Click here for more information:

If you want to avoid the frustration of settling late payment charges, then there’s an easy way to ensure your bills are always settled on time.  Why not set up PACC payment plan?   PACC, stands for Pre-Authorised Credit Card.  If you have a credit card, the PACC process lets your account take payment directly from your credit card each month.  Once this PACC method is activated, your monthly bills are automatically paid.  It’s easy to register via your MyMelita account to set up your payments to be taken automatically; monthly via recurrent credit card payments.   

At Melita, we appreciate our customers lead busy lives and so that’s why we continually strive to provide time-saving solutions, helping you to manage your account – keeping you connected, motivated and helping you become more time-efficient.  Giving you the chance to spend your spare time enjoying the fun things in life.  Life is too precious to be spent queuing!