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Graziella Borg – Branch Manager

Thursday, June 24, 2021 by Graziella Borg

Graziella Borg – Branch Manager

Time on Earth: 36 Years

Time at Melita: 10+ Years

Status: Married, mother of 2 girls (aged 14 and 7) and a furry baby

Before joining Melita, I was doing something completely different. Following my studies, I worked as a hairdresser for 10 years, but at the back of my mind, I always considered working for a telecommunications company. At the time, I used to attend to clients who worked with Melita and they encouraged me to apply for the position of Customer Care Agent. It was a big change from what I was doing, but it was the best decision I ever took in my life!

Following two years working as a Customer Care Agent, I took the role of a Door to Door Agent in 2012. After two years, I moved on to becoming a Retail Agent. After that, I was promoted to supervisor, and then in 2018, I took on the managerial role I hold today. The changes in my role allowed me to continue accumulating knowledge and experience about the company’s offerings and the needs of the clients.

Today I manage Melita’s branch in Naxxar. This means I am responsible for the day-to-day operations, handling customer and billing enquiries and managing the team of people working within the outlet. The ultimate aim is to make sure that all visiting customers get the best experience possible. The well-being and motivation levels of the employees within the branch is also a priority for me. I need to make sure that all employees are on the right track – this alllows us to provide a good service and to reach our targets as a branch. Melita is a structured company and yet it is dynamic. It is very team-oriented and we work together for one goal.

I have many fond memories of the last decade working at Melita. The company organises a number of team-building activities throughout the year and one time, my team won a trip to Pisa. We had a truly memorable trip and it helped us to get to know each other from a different point of view. After all those years working with such a great team, we treat each other as family.

I am also a mother of two, but I have always managed to balance my work life with my personal one. It is not always easy, managing two important commitments, but I plan ahead and good time-management allows for efficiency and productivity. Inevitably, there are times when you need to take fast decisions and resort to plan B, but having a good plan always helps.

The past ten years working at Melita have been a true blessing. Throughout this decade, I have witnessed many positive changes and improvements that allowed the company to evolve into the leading telecommunications company it is today. The employees who show an interest to work hard and evolve in their career get the opportunity to do so. I was lucky to have a great mentor who believed in my capabilities and potential, and when I was struggling, I found the support and encouragement to keep working towards my goal.

Working at Melita is truly great – I would definitely recommend it to anyone, in the same way I was encouraged to apply for a position over a decade ago!

Graziella Borg

Graziella Borg

Branch Manager