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Graziella Borg Vasallo

Monday, October 19, 2020 by Graziella Borg Vasallo

Graziella Borg Vasallo

Time on Earth: 28 years

Time at Melita: 6.5 years

Status: Married

I joined Melita around 6 years ago as a Retail Sales Representative. Before joining the company, I was already working within the telecommunications field, with another company. After some time working as a Retail Represenative, I moved on to the Call Centre Department, where I held the role of Contact Centre Quality Coach. Within the Contact Centre, I also spent some time as a Customer Experience Coordinator. Recently, I moved on to the Sales Department, where I hold my current role as Sales and Performance Coach.

On a day to day basis, I am responsible for assessing the soft skills of sales persons who work across all sales channels. I deliver hands-on coaching and training to improve and update their skills and ultimately, to improve the outcome of sales activities and negotiations. This training also helps to ensure that sales activities are carried out in the most efficient manner and that they are up to the company’s standards. I work with each sales agent not just to help them reach their respective sales targets but to also guide them in their journey to develop skills that will allow them to grow within the company. My role also involves working closely with all line managers and leadership teams within their respective sales channels, allowing each team member to move towards achieving common company goals. I also liaise with sales agents, helping them to clarify their goals and identify any obstacles that might hold them back, and subsequently, coming up with strategies to overcome such hurdles.

I love the culture here at Melita. There is a very pleasant environment and colleagues are always ready to support each other when needed, and uplift each other’s mood when it gets challenging. Through my experience of working within different departments, I got to meet different people and I made some great friends along the way.  Being part of a great group of people helps to keep employees motivated and instills a sense of positivity within the company.

I have many fond memories of times shared with colleagues here at Melita. One which I am sure to remember is when as a team, we decided to travel to Barcelona. This really helped us to bond and continue working as a team to reach our goals within the company!

I aspire to continue developing my career within Melita. Last year, the company aided me with a scholarship which allowed me to study further and complete a Diploma in Leadership and Management. Through my work experience, I have strengthened the belief that one should not simply work for a paycheck – it needs to be something more. I get up each day wanting to learn and to continue growing in my career.

We work hard and are always on the go. However, Melita also believes in a work-life balance. Thankfully, I get to do a job I love, but still have time to enjoy with family and friends, which is just as important in life.

If I had to describe working at Melita, I would recall the saying “Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,”. I really do think of Melita in that way.

Graziella Borg Vasallo

Graziella Borg Vasallo

Sales and Performance Coach