Paying via Direct Debit (Recurring payment from your bank account)

Direct Debit is the quickest and easiest way to pay your bill since it automatically debits your account monthly on the due date of your invoice. Click here to review the benefits.

Direct debit can be done by 2 methods,

Method 1: Visiting one of our Melita outlets. Make sure you take your ID Card and Bank details with you.

Method 2: Easily set up a direct debit through your MyMelita account by following these step-by-step instructions Register Now.

  • Log in to your MyMelita account.
  • Click on ‘Register for Direct Debit.’
  • Enter your IBAN number.
  • Click ‘Validate account’ and submit

Melita Ltd accepts Direct Debit payments via SEPA regulated Banks (Local and Foreign).