Benefits of Direct Debit

We are asking our customers to help us become more efficient by considering paying their bill by Direct Debit mandate (DDM) or pre-authorised credit card (PACC). 

DDM or PACC is more cost efficient as there is no manual processing.  In addition, paying bills this way has many benefits:

  • Saves time and worry – bills are paid automatically and no late payment charge
  • Payment is made at the end of the month
  • 8 weeks to claim a refund via your bank if you don’t agree with your bill – no questions asked
  • Easy to set up via MyMelita

If you prefer to keep paying your bill by means other than Direct Debit or Pre-Authorised Credit Card (PACC), the price will increase by €0.50c.

If Direct Debit is rejected, a charge of €5 applies. Melita is not responsible for any additional bank charges.