Reset the MyMelita Email Address via mobile number

To reset your MyMelita email address using your mobile number, follow our step-by-step guide below:

  1. Open MyMelita and choose ‘Trouble Logging In.’
  2. Select ‘Forgot Email Address’ and press ‘Yes.’
  3. Enter the new email address and click ‘Continue.’
  4. Choose ‘Via Mobile Number.’
  5. Input your Melita mobile number and select ‘Continue.’
  6. A six-digit PIN is sent to your mobile number.
  7. Enter the six-digit PIN you received and press ‘Proceed.’
  8. An email is sent to the provided email address.
  9. Follow the instructions and select ‘Confirm Changes.’
  10. Enter your new password and select ‘Proceed.’
  11. Choose and answer a security question, then select ‘Proceed.’
  12. Press ‘Complete’ and log in.