My internet is offline on eero

If your eero node is offline, check your LED status:

Solid red: eero is not connected to the internet

If your eero is connected with an Ethernet cable, check the below:

  • Disconnect and reconnect the Ethernet connection from both ends
  • Change the Ethernet cable port from the eero
  • Try a new Ethernet cable

If your eero is connected through a wireless connection, check the below:

  • Check placement
  • Swap eero with the other eero in network
  • Move the eero closer to the other eero in network
  • If eero is still without connection, eero device needs to be changed

No light: eero doesn’t have power (or eero LED is turned off)

If your eero LED’s are off, ensure that it is connected with a power supply.

If the issue is still persisting, check the below:

  • Swap power adapter with another functioning adapter
  • Plug eero into a different wall socket

If the above points do not solve your internet issue and the LED remains off, contact us so that we may check further.