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Helping children during tough times

Monday, October 11, 2021 by Melita

Helping children during tough times

The Melita Foundation is supporting Fondazzjoni Sebħ – a residence for children and families going through domestic turmoil. “By sponsoring IT equipment such as computers and other devices, we enable children to continue with their studies and stay connected with friends and loved ones. This was especially useful and essential during the Covid-19 lockdowns,” explained Simon Montanaro, Vice Chair of The Melita Foundation.

Fondazzjoni Sebħ manages various residential homes for children across Malta and Gozo. It helps children reach their full potential and prepares them for independent living by providing them with the support that they need during their difficult time away from their families 

One of The Melita Foundation’s objectives is to help children obtain the skills they need, so helping children who are going through a difficult time in life, is especially important to the Foundation.

The Melita Foundation was established in February 2020 with an initial donation of €500,000 from Apax Partners, owners of Melita Limited until May 2019. With the full support of EQT, the company’s current owners, all the Foundation’s expenses are being funded entirely by Melita Limited. This means that 100 per cent of the funds available to the Foundation are being used to support projects. Since being established, the foundation has already allocated more than €150,000 to various projects with more than €50,000 going to environmental initiatives.

Visit for more information about the Foundation and how to apply for funding.



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