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Umbrella from Cisco, defending us online 24/7

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 by Melita

Umbrella from Cisco, defending us online 24/7

As careful as you might be whilst browsing online, sometimes Cybercriminals get their way by tempting you to let their guard down with dubious content. No matter how careful and experienced you are, protecting your computers, laptops, and mobiles from malicious online attacks can become complicated and a complete nightmare. One wrong click could infect your computer or other devices and could also enable hackers to steal your personal data at a great cost to you.

But now, with Umbrella from Cisco that is being provided to all Melita Internet Home users for free, your devices and your data are protected from the multiple and dangerous threats on the web. By utilising the most sophisticated technologies and expertise, Cisco Umbrella provides high security, high-level protection, and drastically reduces risk. With refined features such as malware containment and anti-phishing, the service acts as the first line of defence against attacks aimed at stealing your sensitive data or infecting your devices. In addition to all this, Cisco Umbrella is cloud-based thus not occupying any space on your devices.

Umbrella Cisco is a free online protection service that Melita Home internet customer benefits from.  It works in the background and blocks an average of 400,000 malicious websites every day. Websites are blocked for various reasons – about 28% of the blocked websites contain malware, 25% are phishing attempt attacks and 3% are command and control – a file that is dormant and lies undetected on a device until it comes in contact with a malicious website. Scary we know, but Cisco Umbrella is doing a fantastic job in protecting us daily.



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