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Melita Internet

Speeds up to 1 Gbps

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Switch to the fastest, most reliable internet service, available wherever you live in Malta and Gozo

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Always on, always online.

Chatting, streaming, browsing, sharing files, uploading photos, playing games online, tracking your steps, sometimes all at the same time. Sound familiar?

We may take it for granted, but keeping connected matters to us all.

Size matters

Let’s face it, sharing a big cake is always better.

When we’re talking internet (and we do that a lot) what matters is bandwidth. The bigger the bandwidth of your internet connection, the more data can come streaming in to your home. Faster downloads, more people and devices connected at the same time, less of the spinning wheel of doom, more of the internet.

Still interested? Bandwidth is measured in bits per second, counting all that data zipping along our cable into your home each second. 100,000,000 bits of data a second means 100 Mbps, 100,000,000,000 bits, 1 Gbps. OK that’s the tech bit done.

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Your internet, your choice.

From 50 Mbps, to 250 Mbps nationwide. If you’re in Valletta, Sliema or St Julian’s go GigaPower and be one of the first in Europe to get gigabit internet


30 Mbps

Internet Fibre Power

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50 Mbps

Internet Fibre Power

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100 Mbps

Internet Fibre Power

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250 Mbps

Internet Fibre Power

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1 Gbps

Internet Fibre Power

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What’s your internet?

Different strokes for different folks, here’s some internet stories.


Younger kids

I’ve recently switched to Melita’s 250 Mbps because now that the kids are in school they’ve started using the internet for their school projects as well as their entertainment. We’ve not had 250 Mbps for long, but I can say it works very well, even when they’re all watching different cartoons.


Just Us

We’ve just retired and moved into a smaller place by the sea. We got Melita Flexi with the 100 Mbps internet package because it was such good value. We mostly use the internet on our computer to speak to our daughter and our grandchildren over Skype. The installer was very friendly and explained everything to us really clearly.



My hobby is online gaming and I’m also studying artificial vision algorithms for the security industry, so, fast and seamless internet is key to my work and play. I’ve tried all the providers in Malta and I finally got 1 Gbps. This is definitely the best for me.

Unbeatable Value Packages

More information:
  1. Prices quoted are subject to a 24 month agreement
  2. A one time €25 installation charge.
  3. If you would like to receive paper bills a €2 charge applies. Have you tried our mymelita online portal? It’s very convenient and you can follow your usage and bills and pay online. Check out this page.
  4. The Typical Speed Range (TSR) for each product corresponds to the advertised speed.
  5. Follow these links to read the Standard T&C’s and Schedule of Charges.

For the best experience always connect to your Melita modem with an ethernet cable. Using other equipment, or relying on a WiFi connection may affect the maximum download speed due to your home environment or equipment limits. Download and upload speeds are based upon the average speeds you can expect through the day.

Wherever, whenever we’ve got you connected

MelitaWiFi is Malta’s largest WiFi network with thousands of hotspots across Malta & Gozo.

  • Access the internet from your mobile reaching superfast WiFi speeds!
  • Enjoy 10 GB per month at no additional cost
  • It’s super easy to connect – no need for an App.
  • Melita Mobile clients can simply login once using their mobile number
  • Fibre powered internet customers can login with their MyMelita login.

arris-logo WiFi Modem

  • Superior coverage via the Dual Band WiFi - 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz.
  • Network bandwidth management when multiple devices are connected via WiFi.
  • Excellent wireless performance with high speed and stability.

Price: €2/month

Internet for your Business?

Lift off your business with Melita’s Business Internet packages. More internet speed. More reliability. More productivity.

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