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Is it essential to have a smart TV?

Wednesday, January 08, 2020 by Simon Poljšak

Is it essential to have a smart TV?

Don’t you feel sometimes as if all your home appliances and technology are becoming more intelligent, connecting, smartening up their act – from phones, watches, to our TV’s – making us feel dumber by comparison? 

You’ve probably lost count of the amount of smart tech at home; from smart energy monitors, security systems, even smart washing machines and fridges. Sometimes it can seem like you’ve only just removed the packaging and mastered the controls on your latest piece of kit and already it’s being trumped by a newer version.  But don’t fear, because our team at Melita are here to help cut through the jargon and separate fact from (science) fiction.

In this blog, we’ll explain some of the advantages of Smart TVs.  So, you can make an informed, intelligent choice about whether a Smart TV is the right choice for you. 

Let’s get the basics out of the way first… what is a Smart TV? 

How do they work and what do they enable users to do? 

Right, let’s get some jargon busting done.  A Smart TV is simply a digital TV that’s connected to the internet, letting you easily watch online content by connecting to your home broadband router and Ethernet or Wi-Fi network.  Through the internet, your Smart TV accesses channels such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon offering TV shows, movies or box-sets without having to connect up to a TV antenna or subscribe to a cable /satellite TV service.

Many people who don’t own a Smart TV, but who have a quality high-spec TV, often buy additional kit to upgrade their TV, giving them internet capability – such as a media streaming box or a media streaming dongle which plugs directly into the HDMI port of your TV, so you can access your home Wi-Fi to instantly stream contact from your home internet network.

However, luckily for you, at Melita all the technology you need to access the wealth of digital and HD channels available via your internet TV package is built into a console included as part of your Melita deal.  This TV Decoder plugs directly into your TV, giving you a wealth of TV channels at your fingertips.  It really is as simple as that, irrespective of whether you have a Smart TV or not.  Our easy to navigate on-screen menus- help you work your way through our channels, whilst setting up your personal preferences.

Our Melita TV packages also let you build your TV package specifically around your family’s interests.  For example: Our TV Starter Channel is just 9.99€ a month (over a 2 year contract) and gives customers 20 digital and 4 HD channels.  Yet, many customers want the freedom to go Flexi, which lets you build your own bundle and includes interactive NexTV, a landline and reliable, affordable Fibre Power internet with nationwide speeds from 250 Mbps up to 1000 Mbps.

Melita’s starter pack starts you off with local and Italian channels, then you can easily select 90+ or 140+ to add more channels.

Our Flexi Bundle package means you’ll never be at a loss for something to watch on your TV again…ever!  As this fantastic package includes an exhaustive selection of On Demand movies, the Melita NexTV app, giving you 7 day catch up of aired programming across all your channels AND the potential to play/pause/rewind and record live shows – starting at just 22.99 for the first 2 months and then 32.99 monthly thereafter throughout your 2 year contract. 

What’s more, if yours is the kind of household who can never agree over what to watch – NexTV will bring harmony to your home with its many features, such as letting you simultaneously watch 4 different shows across multiple devices.  Synching up and giving you the capability to stream different content via your phone, tablet, laptop or TV!   Also, if you’ve the concentration and focus not to get too confused by it – there’s even the option to split your flat screen into two (no chainsaw required), using your large monitor to watch two programmes at the same time!

With its 7 day catch up, and the chance to pause and record live shows – there’s just so many amazing advantages to Next TV.  Plus, if you want to stop being the last amongst your friends to discover the new crime drama they’ve been on tenterhooks over – you’ll love NexTV’s ‘smart recommendations’ feature. 

Just think of your NexTV decoder as your personal viewing buddy, because the system tracks all the TV shows you’ve watched – and then when you click on personal recommendations it will sift through its exhaustive list of available content to identity similar films or show suited to your personal tastes/interests, unique personalized suggestions. 

Or alternatively, if you choose the ‘most popular’ option, the system identifies the most popular streamed shows being viewed across Malta and Gozo.  Keeping you constantly across the nation’s viewing habits… you’ll never be behind with the times again.

Get Melita and get with the program, giving you the capability to make smart choices.

Simon Poljšak

Simon Poljšak

Product Manager – Television, Internet and Telephony