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Today we meet Kevin Abela, Sales Operations Manager at Melita.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 by Kevin Abela

Today we meet Kevin Abela, Sales Operations Manager at Melita.

Time on Earth : 33 years

Time at Melita : 11 years 7 months

In my role as Sales Operations Manager at Melita, I am responsible for managing what we refer to as ‘the churn rate’. This means identifying the number of customers who have stopped their subscriptions and those who renewed. There are a number of KPI Metrics related to sales operations which I manage, and I am also directly responsible for sales and performance coaching. I work with an awesome team of people and together we always manage to achieve our goals and improve our efficiency.

In the past eleven years, I have taken on many roles within this company. Prior to joining, I worked as a salesperson in a small business. However, I felt the need for a career and environment change. At the time, I was relatively young, not as career-driven as I am today. I was not sure about the path I wanted to take, so I started looking for different opportunities.

Initially, I joined the company as a Telesales Agent. After a while, there was an opportunity for me to step up the ladder within the same team, and I took on the role of supervisor. In 2014, I was promoted to Telesales Senior Supervisor, a role I held for a year. I was then appointed as a Telesales & Retention Team Coordinator. Following my experience within the Telesales section, I started the year 2017 in a completely new role – this time as a Customer Retention Manager; a role I occupied for over two years. I was then given another opportunity, this time as a Sales Operations Manager; a role I still hold to date.

It has been quite a ride so far and an experience which has been extremely rewarding and challenging. The culture at Melita is one which is collaborative, nurturing and motivating. It encourages employees to continue learning and to set goals for their career. It is a fun company to work for and the well-being of employees is a factor which is taken seriously. I believe Melita has the right vision and strategy to move forward and I am happy to be part of this.

At Melita there is always something to look forward to.  Some of the fondest memories I have are of team-building activities, which are organized on a regular basis. These always leave a mark on employees, allow us to engage more and be better equipped to work as one team.

I have two children – a 5-year-old boy and a 9-month old girl and despite of my responsibilities at Melita, I still manage a good work-life balance. This is something which the company believes in, and is very much appreciated by us employees and our families.

Kevin Abela – Sales Operations Manager
Kevin Abela

Kevin Abela

Sales Operations Manager